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Third meeting in October 2013 : Montpellier/France

After two successful working meetings in Kufstein/Austria ( October 2012) and Uppsala/Sweden (April 2013) the delegations of the five project partner schools of the EU-sponsored Comenius project „Migration – Mankind in Motion „  (MiM) 2012-14 are actually preparing for a third meeting which will take place in Montpellier/France , October 13-17, 2013.

In the first project year the students were researching, comparing and discussing mainly  biographies, living conditions and legal matters of immigrants moving TO the five countries of the project . One of the most ambitious project tasks was a survey carried out by the students  about attitudes and opinions towards migrants in the five partner towns.

In this second project year the focus changes : We will observe what happens when WE turn to be „migrants“ ourselves and move to other countries. What are our feelings, expectations, fears ?
What are our first impressions and judgements when we arrive in a new country with new cultural and social conditions ? What impacts do we have, even as tourists , on the country of destination?
And what impacts does this country have on us ? Does tourism lead to a more peaceful world or does it confirm xenophobical attitudes and prejudices ?

Many questions and answers that the students of thed five schools are asked to research and to present in Montpellier by own pictures and texts, the best of which will be composed to a project booklet.

Au revoir à Montpellier – we are looking forward to meet again in Southern France !