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Our Swedish School

Graphical Center of Education is the name of our school. Our school is also called GUC. The
school is built into three different buildings, A-house, B-house and C-house. The students take
the local bus from the center of Uppsala and it takes about 20 minutes. Our school has 650
students and 90 teachers.
All the students have chosen different programs to study. For an example: Tourism, Journalism,
Radio & TV. European orientation, Expo and Design. The school is both an independent school
and a municipal school. Unlike schools around the world we get free lunch every day. We are
offered both vegitarian and regular food. We have a high standard of technology and a school
The Swedish school system is divided into five different main educations.Schweden
Pre-school (1-5)
Pre-school class (6)
Compulsory school (7-16)
Upper Secondary school (16-20)
Universites/Higher vocational education
Folk high school/Adult education
The school system is about to change from our old to a new one. The grade system
will be changed to the international version A-F!
The tourism program is very unique. Our teachers created this program about 6 years ago. On the tourism program you study subjects like geography, service and hospitality. You learn how to be
a city guide, you take study trips and have interships. The tourism program is for 3 years and
after that you’re ready to work or continue your education on a higher level.

At GUC you always succeed!