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Lycée Joffre

is a general upper secondary school in Montpellier in  the South of France. The school has about 1.650 students aged from 15 to 18, and about 150 teachers. Students can make their final exams after three years (baccalauréat).

Our school offers various subjects such as mathematics, natural sciences, foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and even a Chinese workshop).

Montpellier (250.000 inhabitants) is a town specialising Comenius 2012-14 - pic Lycee Joffre Montpellierin medical and other services. A large proportion of students are migrants from Southern Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and also black Africa. This explains why students have a migrational background. And so the participation of our school in the Comenius program is an excellent way to support these underprivileged adolescents and to help them in  their efforts with integration. In our school we propose bilingual classes with English and we have a special international section for Spanish (O.I.E.).

As the project language is English, and all our work will be done in English, this project is a great opportunity for students to practice and improve their language skills. Our students will learn to act as hosts for international guests and some of them will host foreign guests in their families.

Our school intends to play an active part in this project and our aim is to make students aware that it is important fot their own future and that cooperation with students from other countries having the same intentions helps to achieve the project’s aims as well as to make them more independent.