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Rigas Klasiska gimnazija (Riga Classical Gymnasium) represents a state-founded co-educational full-time day school, which offers educational programmes for children of ethnic minorities. Our school is the place where migrants, ethnic minorities and local citizens live in a friendly multicultural community. It can be named amomng the most prestigious and largest multicultural schools in Latvia. We aim to provide our students with qualitative holistic education, inspiring them to achieve the best results in their studies and become multuilingual, tolerant and highly educated citizens of the world, successful in any profession they will chose later in life.

Our gymnasium offers a trilingual education in the Latvian, Russian and English languages and uses programmes for ethnic minoritiesComenius 2012-14 - pic Riga Classical Gymnasium. Nevertheless we are a multinational school, where students of many different nationalities live very friendly. Plus our students learn several foreign languages such as English, German and Frech and the project is a great chance for them both to practise foreign languages and to learn about otherĀ  European cultures.

Migration has become an increasingly topical issue for Latvia, especially for young people who want to use the opportunity to work and study abroad. We aim to help them to see migration from different points of view, approaching this question in a wise and mature way. Our purpose is to investigate the current situation , develop realistic recommendations for existing and potential immigrants, and possibly make particular forecast concerning immigration, based on statistics and general economic trends.

There are students in our gymnasium, whose parents live and work abroad, and there are students who are menbers of various ethnic communities in Latvia, and they could share their experience hosting students from other countries in their families and inviting them to see the cultural life in some ethnic communities in Riga.

Thinking about the year 2014, when Riga will be announced the Europen Capital City, inviting tourists from all over Europe, our school aims to promote and develop closer contacts with other European countries, concentrating on intercultural issues and developing tourism in Latvia.

At the end of the project we would like to present our findings to the wide audience in the form of booklets and newspaper articles, and we could also create a website, offering our findingsĀ  to the wide audience.